I have commissions open in slots of 5 per month (not including illustration client work). I will update here whether or not my slots are full.
May: no slots available

My prices are determined by estimated time, supplies, and size of request. If I accept your commission, I require a 50% non-refundable downpayment of the quoted price before I begin. If you cancel your commission, this fee will not be returned to you. Prices may fluctuate to accommodate for unforeseen circumstances while working (more supplies needed, more time spent on piece than anticipated, etc). The remaining 50% must be payed before the piece is shipped to you.

How does the process work?
Once you email me and details are finalized, I will send you over my payment method and require 50% down. I work by doing some concept sketches, then final sketch, then colour studies, then final piece. You will be kept informed during the whole process.
If no deadline is given, I will have the piece completed in 1-2 months.

Find below my common commissions and their estimated prices. If you do not see what you're hoping to commission, email me and we can chat.

Direct all communications here
fate fairy.jpg
Tattoo Design

Ink / 60-150 CAD plus shipping


Spot Illustration (5x7" ish) / 75-100 CAD plus shipping

Character Design (8x10") / 125 CAD plus shipping

Full Page (8x10") / 350 CAD plus shipping

Pet Portrait

Human Body + Animal Head; ink / 100 CAD plus shipping

Human Body + Animal Head; gouache / 115-300 CAD plus shipping



Botanical Portrait; ink / 100 CAD plus shipping

Botanical Portrait; watercolour and ink / 150 CAD plus shipping

Vintage Portrait

Turning a modern photo into a vintage figure

Ink / 150 CAD plus shipping

Watercolour and Ink / 125 (5x7") or $225 (8x10") CAD plus shipping

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self portrait 2022.jpg