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Julia Martens

is a self-taught artist, born and currently residing in the west coast of Canada.
She sells her originals and prints on her website and at markets, does commissions in her style, exhibits her work, illustrates book and album covers, and does set design for film.
Martens uses watercolours and ink to pay homage to
The Golden Age of Illustration, a style that is no longer in fashion. She desires to bring forth feelings of nostalgia, wonder, and curiosity in each of her pieces, telling a story within her work; she aims to invoke twin feelings of beauty and uncomfortableness, her goal being to make viewers believe that her work is from 150 years ago. In an age where everything is progressively getting more digital, Martens is fully reverting into the traditional methods of art and illustration.
She uses her pieces to tell a story; Martens has her own personal meanings attached to the pieces she creates, but invites viewers to create their own. Often, her pieces are connected with one another. 


Current / Upcoming Shows + Collaborations:

Published Works:
2023   February / Illustration for Taproot Magazine 55: LUNAR 
2022   October / Album Artwork for Dwi and for Einamae

2022    November / CanvasRebel Article Article 
2021    July
 / Abbotsford News Article 
            March / Abbotsford News Article

Previous Exhibitions + Residencies:
2023   Jan. 26, 27 / "SPAWN" group exhibition at Issue Studio
2022   July 18-23 / Reside
ncy in Norway with Light Grey Art Lab
          May 5-21 / Shadow & Line group exhibition at Kariton Gallery

2021. Sept 24-25 / Abby Theatre Fest (Introductions; art film)
         Sept / Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival - Virtual Art Walk
         August / Downtown Abbotsford Mural - Montrose Ave

2020  Nov 16-20 / Tedx and Abbotsford Arts Council - Perception Exhibition 
         Oct 10-18 / South Delta Artfully Anonymous - Online Exhibition
          Aug-Sept / Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival - Virtual Art Walk
          July 10-25 / #HomeGalleryLAC Surprise Exhibition - AIFS Gallery Online
          July 1-22 / A Little Bit Of Art - Kariton Gallery Online
          June 1-22 / Strange Times - Kariton Gallery Online
2018   July / Anonymous Art Show - Kariton Gallery

Past Markets + Workshops:
2022   Nov 4, 5, 6th Vintage Barn Market / Chilliwack Heritage Barn         
          Sept. 9th / Fort Langley Night Market         
          Sept. 15th / Autumn Art + Wine Walk; Vintelier in Downtown Abbotsford
          August 21 / Chilliwack Pride Market
          July 1st, August 12th  / Fort Langley Night Market
          June 26 / Chilliwack Farmer's Market
          May 26 / Spring Art + Wine Walk; Vintelier in Downtown Abbotsford
          April 30th / Live Painting at Windsor Greenhouse 
          April 9th  / Mt Lehman Market
          Feb 5 + 6 / Feel Good Market at Richmond Lavender Farm

2021  Sept 25 / BC Culture Days "A Study of Birds" Workshop

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