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Hi there! My name is
Julia Martens.

 I am an illustrator and artist based in Vancouver, Canada, working in illustrations for publishing, film design, and fine art.
I use traditional mediums, specializing in watercolours, gouache, and inks.
My work explores the charm of the Golden Age Of Illustration (1880's-1920's) but translated to our current day. I love to tell stories within my works and rarely ever create a piece that doesn't have a narrative or contain a character within it. I love whimsy and exploring historical or the fantastical worlds (and the creepy!)
Since I was a child I have found so much joy within book illustrations and have since found a joy in creating them myself. 
I am currently seeking representation by a literary or illustration agent.
When I am not creating art, you can find me near the ocean, at a concert, or skydiving.



Current / Upcoming Shows + Collaborations:
          Sept. 9th 5pm-10pm / Fort Langley Night Market
          Sept. 15th 4pm-8pm / Autumn Art + Wine Walk; Vintelier in Downtown Abbotsford
          Nov 4, 5, 6th Vintage Barn Market / Chilliwack Heritage Barn

Previous Shows + Collaborations:
2022   August 21, 10am-4pm/ Chilliwack Pride Market, Downtown Chilliwack
          July 18-23 / Residency in Norway with Light Grey Art Lab
          July 1st, August 12th 5pm-10pm / Fort Langley Night Market
          June 26, 10am-4pm / Chilliwack Farmer's Market, Downtown Chilliwack
          May 26, 4pm-8pm / Spring Art + Wine Walk; Vintelier in Downtown Abbotsford
          May 5-21 / Shadow & Line group exhibition at Kariton Gallery
          April 30th 10-4pm / Live Painting at Windsor Greenhouse 
          April 9th 10am-3pm / Mt Lehman Market
          Feb 5 + 6 / Feel Good Market at Richmond Lavender Farm

2021  Sept 25 / BC Culture Days "A Study of Birds"
         Sept 24-25 / Abby Theatre Fest (Introductions; art film)
         Sept / Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival - Virtual Art Walk
         August / Downtown Abbotsford Mural - Montrose Ave
         Abbotsford News Article July
         Abbotsford News Article March

2020  Nov 16-20 / Tedx and Abbotsford Arts Council - Perception 
         Oct 10-18 / South Delta Artfully Anonymous - Online Exhibition
          Aug-Sept / Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival - Virtual Art Walk
          July 10-25 / #HomeGalleryLAC Surprise Exhibition - AIFS Gallery Online
          July 1-22 / A Little Bit Of Art - Kariton Gallery Online
          June 1-22 / Strange Times - Kariton Gallery Online
2018   July / Anonymous Art Show - Kariton Gallery