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Feel free to download my sticker design below and make stickers of your own. I encourage you to place them on your laptops, water bottles, and (even more recommended) in your city streets. (Some city districts may disapprove of this, so put them up at your own risk)
Don't have sticker paper to print on? Print them off of your printer on regular paper and use clear packing tape! 

Does a sticker really help? This is a way for folks who can't readily donate to help in a small way. Stickers draw attention to the issue, and spark conversations if on your water bottle, or helps a passerby to wonder and later google why they see the phrase "free palestine" on a sticker. 

download on desktop, not phone

Other ways to help?
If you email me with proof of donation to any nonprofit aiding in Palestinian relief, or any Gazan family on GoFundMe, I'll email you back a pdf for a free colouring sheet! Even if you donate $1, anything helps.

Don't know who to donate to?
Support Naema's family or Haya's family evacuate Gaza, or donate to PCRF, MAP, UNWRA, or find a family via Operation Olive Branch.

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